We have all been there…. exhausted. Even on your days off we can mentally be at work. For some of us the brain seems to never shut off for rest. It’s time to STOP and take time to rest. I’m not talking about sleep…I’m talking about resting the mind and the soul. I’m talking about not letting the small things steal your Joy.  Every year we all have New Years Resolutions. This year mine is to learn to slow down and notice the small things. I recently heard my great niece singing a beautiful song. It spoke volumes to me….

The words went something like this…

I almost missed the blessings of this day…The sleepy warmth of sunshine on my face…A kind word an old friend sent my way…. I almost missed the blessings of this day.  I almost missed the way he said my name….after all these years the sweetness hasn’t changed…How swiftly this life will fade away and I almost missed the blessings of this day.

So the question I ask myself is what else did I miss? I want to live life and appreciate every moment of it.

Here’s a New Years Challenge for us all… Let us Slow down and take in the Beauty all around us.


Happy New Year to all