Do you or a loved one have trouble keeping up with your bills every month?

Elder Pathways’ fiduciary specialist can help you gain control of your monthly expenses. We are able to assist in all areas of accounting – from paying your monthly bills and balancing your checkbook to being a watchdog for you or your loved one in managed care facilities.

Don’t fall behind on your monthly responsibilities, we can help you get “caught up” and avoid monthly late fees.

Attorneys, do your clients have several years of accounting due to the clerk of court?

No problem. We can handle Accounting for your clients. Many attorneys send us multiple years of past due accountings. Guardians love us because we keep them current on their accounting.

Perhaps you are the Personal Representative and don’t have the time to handle bill paying and money management. We can set up Quicken for you and keep up with all of the work.

Here are a few of the Fiduciary Services Elder Pathways offers:

  • Bill paying, writing checks and preparing for mail (Client signs checks)
  • Set up Quicken Computer file for easy tax preparation
  • Balance Checkbook, enter all deposits and checks written into Quicken file
  • Mail Sorting, Scanning medical records for easy access on the computer
  • Make folders for files, file docs
  • We can prepare Medicaid applications with information given by the client
  • We can complete the Family Guardianship Accounting for the Clerk of the Court