It has been 35 years since our Wedding day. We were so young! All these years I’ve kept a journal.  I’m so thankful that I wrote down my prayers and God’s provision. We could have never dreamed of a better life! God has been so faithful to our family…but where did the time go? This weekend we traveled to Georgia to visit our daughter Jen and her husband Jon and the grandchildren Levi, Ema, Libby and Gabe. We don’t get to see them as often as we would like so this time together is such a treasure to us. As we were leaving Jon prayed for us and our trip home. In his prayer he thanked God that we would be together one day forever and that there is a time coming when we won’t have to say goodbye. This thought has been ringing in my heart… it filled me with such joy!


The thought of eternity with our family brings such joy to my heart! The best is yet to come!
To think that one day we will live in heaven together. A place where there is no sickness, no pain, sorrow nor night… only joy unspeakable and full of glory Today I’m focusing on….. Life everlasting…strength for the day …precious memories of our time together on earth…..Happy Anniversary to us… it all started on August 5th 1978…. If we had not married…none of the people in these photos would be there….Awesome thought!