Recently I have been a woman on a mission. I have been de-cluttering our home. Under beds… Inside closets… inside drawers… well just about everywhere!

For Inspiration I have been going onto organizational websites. I have listened to a lot of people to inspire me… to encourage me.

There is one thing for sure… It makes me feel so much better to be organized. I have found out that to stay organized I have to follow my own little rules ….
Daily process the mail… empty the dishwasher… put away the clothes in the dryer.

I must use my TO DO list.

I have found out that Clutter is unsightly.  I have wondered if the distractions that keep me from my Bible study are unsightly to God.

I’m not a perfectionist, but I want to Please The Lord in all that I do.
So… I’m going to listen to the Word of God and stay with the Bible Study daily.
My plan is to spend less time on Facebook and more time in God’s book.

I believe that God loves order.
He will be first…. Everything Else will be in order then.

I am Blessed!