It was a simple prayer for a 12 year old little girl to pray… Lord, give us the money to fix the Piano. It was impossible to play it now… keys sticking and so out of tune. This Piano was the only thing that I had left to remember my Daddy by. You see, about 4 years before he died, he went into debt to purchase that Piano for our family. Oh, the memories of him playing it! Now… it was silent. It was a great place to put photos… lots of them!
Every day, I prayed about this Piano. Then, one day… a knock came at the door. There stood a stout black man with white eyes and a white cane and a big black bag and a long pole. He said, I’m here to fix your Piano…. so I quickly let him in! He was totally blind, but that didn’t stop him.
While having the Piano open, he found an 8 x 10 photo of my Mama and Daddy posing at my sister Joyce’s Wedding. I didn’t remember ever seeing that one on the Piano.
He put the pole inside the piano and called it a “damp chaser”….he said “Your keys won’t ever stick no more”.
I told him Mama forgot to tell me he was coming and that I didn’t have any money. He smiled and said… “Awe, don’t you worry bout that now… cuz the Lord sent me”.
He opened the door and began down the steps. I reopened the door to thank him one more time… He was not there… Nowhere…he simply disappeared!
The evidence of him being there was the fact that the Piano played perfectly!
My Mama and I found out that day that God does answer prayer. I’ll never ever doubt his power!
Praise be to my Lord! Today, I play my own piano and the piano in Assisted living communities … only hymns…to Praise the one who gave me the gift to play.
“What a friend we have in Jesus…all our sins and griefs to bear… what a privilege to carry… everything to God in prayer”.