I woke up very early in the a.m. yesterday with tears streaming down my face. Sweet memories of fun times with my husband Jamie had me in tears. I guess it’s because I know that my sister Linda is by her husband’s bedside while he is in a coma. I went to sleep with the thought of how terrible it would be if I knew I may never hear my sweet Jamie’s voice again.

The little pranks and funny things he does around the house to make my life more joyful.

When we first got married he would try to “Teach me” wrestling holds. I learned how ticklish he was and there were no rules so I could actually beat him at his own game.

He loves to turn the light off and on while I’m putting on my makeup in the am. This never gets old and it always makes me laugh.
Just as I’m dozing off at night he thinks it’s funny to wake me up and ask me questions because I slur my words and fuss at him for waking me up.
He knows I have conquered  the “Cluttered Drawer” in the kitchen so he loves to throw an ink pen in my orderly utensil drawer to watch me give him the “Look”. He thinks that is so funny.

Over the years he has come up with sweet ways to bless me. One of my favorites is the Thursday night surprise. He “Jumps on the house” meaning he cleans the house like crazy. He knows I don’t particularly like to clean bathrooms, vacuum, sweep and mop so he has made this a weekly ritual for years.

There is never a time when he goes to the kitchen that he doesn’t ask me if I want him to bring me something.
He loves to bring me my coffee in the  morning. What a way to start my day!

The first thing we do in the am is wrap our hands around our coffee and talk. Our morning time is priceless.

We talk about growing old together and planting a garden. We are both combing grey hair now and realizing we are not as young as we used to be.
We both wished that we would have slowed down and savored each moment.

The possibility of one of us dying is 100%. I want to live in the moment. My Mother used to say…”Live each day like it is going to be your last day on earth because one day it will be.”

He received a text message today that said…”I adore you”.
He answered. ” I love being married to Mrs. America”… I answered…
“Thank you Mr. Universe”.

As I am up this morning praying for my sweet Sister Linda and her husband John their final hours together. I pray too for my family that they all will savior each smile.. each kind word. Each kiss…Because …Life is short.