The 23rd Psalm is perhaps one of the most well known passages in the Bible. The imagery is just beautiful~ I love the thought of Jesus tending to me. When I wander, he finds me. When I am lost, he knows where I am…. and not only does he find me, but he leads me to rest.

I found out the sheep are afraid of running water. So… “He leads them beside the still waters”.
Can you think of anything more peaceful? Green Grass and still waters.

I love walking with Jesus. I love the thought of him leading me. In my life I have faced fear and uncertainty. Still, he leadeth me… He noursihes me…Even through death, he will lead me.

So let us enjoy being calm in the midst of a storm, knowing that it is Gods grace that brings calm. Perhaps it’s knowing with all your heart that the Great Shepherd of our soul is in control. We can rest in him.