Our beautiful daughter Jennifer or “Jen” as she prefers to be called, is graduating from Nursing School today. In my rush to make it to Statesboro for her Graduation, I left her card.  I want to honor her in my blog today.


It was a Nurse that took my pregnancy test and told me tha I was pregnant.
It was a Nurse who taught our ‘Natural Childbirth” classes and convienced your Daddy that he would be a great help in the delivery room.
It was a Nurse who talked your Daddy into letting 7 student nurses into the delivery room to watch  your birth.  That happened during a contraction~

It was a Nurse that told me to push.
It was three Nurses who told me to push harder.
It was a very determined  Nurse who literally got on top of me and pushed you out of me. By the way… don’t every judge a 300lb nurse… they are very necessary.. here is why…
You were born with the umbilical cord around your neck and you looked like a Blueberry.
It was a Nurse who told me that everything was going to be alright.
It was Nurse who prayed with us.
You beat the 50/50 odds and at 5lbs 12 oz … 4 weeks early you did fine.

Fast forward to April 5th 2004….

In Tallahassee Fl. You were expecting your 3rd child… Our dear Libby….

A big secret now being revealed.
When the Doctor said it would be a great idea if you went home with your husband ( all the way to Perry Fl.) It was a Nurse who shook her head NO behind the Doctor. This action made me do something I have never done before… Put my foot down with your Husband… NO…JON…You can’t take her back to Perry! Leave her here.
Elizabeth Joy Edmisten was born 45 min. later.

Your Daddy and I are so proud of you!

It’s not everyday that you see a Pastor’s wife… Mother of 4 Graduate with Honors.
Congratulations Beautiful Daughter!
Love Mama