This morning while kneeling to pray I caught a glimpse of what was under the bed in my spare bedroom. This room is a play room for all. It’s my music room, sewing room and play room for the Grandchildren. I thought it was completely organized…. until…. I looked under the bed. What a mess!
It seems that some busy little hands didn’t have time to complete three puzzles and there were about 70 puzzle pieces all under the bed with three lonely empty puzzle templates just waiting to be completed. The temptation to put those puzzles together was overwhelming. Not to mention an entire box of Crayons.. yes the biggest box they make… all of the crayons were out of the box! Did I fix that? Nope~ I will be expecting those busy little hands to do that today when they visit “Mamaw“. So, I didn’t let that little distraction get to me….

I stayed on course and I had my prayer time, which is much more important. While on my knees, the Lord reminded me of my own “Mess”. I love order, I just can’t seem to have it in my brain. I am very easily distracted. There is a trail of unfinished task in my home. Even though my office is in shape. Reports go out on time, bills are paid, filing is done. My brain is full of “Things to do” I’m constantly taking “Mental notes”. My Mother used to tell me to slow down… now I know what she meant. I think it’s a priority issue. The mess can wait… people are more important than “things to do”. I’m training myself to “delete the file” in my brain.

Our son, Alan used to have a little wooden bench with little pegs and a hammer. He was only about 2 years old, but he would spend a great part of the day hammering those pegs. So…even with a child, the work of your hands gives pleasure. I am realizing that relaxation is important too. The scripture came to mind today…. “Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you”. So, I am going to take my Saviour’s hand and enjoy my day!