I love the old hymns. I especially love the ones about Rest.  I guess it’s because my life is so busy, I must admit that I want to stoop and just REST.  I am finding that by keeping my mind on Christ brings a peace that is well…. a kind of rest to me.  A deep contentment that the world cannot give is the best way to describe this rest.

I often ask Jesus, What did you do to rest?

He takes me to the shore of Galilee and there I imagine what I have been taught in his word. He is fishing with his friends and teaching them simple life lessons.

He sits around a campfire just talking.

He walks into the village and there is greeted by Children, who adore him. He lets them sit on his lap and they talk to him, and he laughs and plays with them.

He visits with the sick, he prays over them to be healed. With his power, he heals them.

He visits with the Harlot, he explains why she can’t continue living the way she has.

His life is not rushed or hurried in any way.

So… let me get this straight….

He was simply a People Person.

If you don’t love your neighbor … then you don’t love God.

Pretty Simple really!