This past Friday my “Sweet baby James” aka Jamie, and I celebrated 33 years of marriage. Where has the time gone? I have so many wonderful memories of our life together. He reminded me that we dated for 3 years before marriage so it’s been 36 years together!
We have been through allot through the years. The most wonderful blessing is that God has been with us. He has blessed us with a passionate love for each other and for him. He blessed us with Children and Grandchildren. He also gave us the best gift any two people can be given, It’s the gift of everlasting life.
We realize that we are in the “fall” of life. Our hair is turning gray. Our life here is short. Our life together is forever. Love never dies. I know this is true. I look forward to the rest of my life on this side and on the other side of heaven with my Sweet Baby James.
“Goodnight you moonlight ladies….Rock a bye Sweet Baby James. Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose… won’t you let me go down in my dreams… and Rock a bye Sweet Baby James.”