It was a windy rainy day and I was working, visiting one of my clients in the hospital. As I walked down the hall to go home I felt an urging to go into the room of a perfect stranger. I knew that I would not have that Idea… it had to be God.

I entered the room of a cancer patient. From the looks of her appearance, she was losing the battle.
The Cancer surgery was “not successful” she told me, but God is still good to me.

Her hair was all gone and she was wearing a turban. Her beautiful blue eyes were beaming with excitement as she shared her thoughts with me. All of these thoughts had been written in her journal, which she called her “Blessing Book”.

I sat on her bed and listen carefully as she read from the book. Each entry one by one… Thanking God for the prayers of her friends and family. Thanking God for peace while going through Chemotherapy. Thanking God for her Mother-in-law who would be there every day so her husband could return to work.

Every Doctor, Nurse, Certified Nursing Assistant, Technicians, all were listed in prayer and thanks.

I was so humbled by her acceptance of her dying.

She witnessed to me and was glad to know that I knew Christ too.

I hugged her and cried, she comforted me. Go figure!

I will never ever forget this precious woman and her blessing book.

She taught me that in the scheme of things… it pays to be entirely thankful.

I look forward to seeing her again in heaven.